Snake Repellent


“Snake Repellent (Natural Non Toxic)”

Snake Out, natural non toxic snake repellent is the most effective “Snake Repellent”, made up with various natural Ayurveda ingredients. As the snake Out is a natural non toxic product, its completely safe for use in any atmosphere.
“Snake Out” comes in liquid form in Bottles with ready to spray form. Simply tear the seal, twist the nozzle tip to open up the whole & start spraying.
Quantity – 1 Litre
“Snake Out” has had a powerful whiff and bitter taste, which the snake finds unpleasant, so it stay away. It does not harm the snake. Normally upon first encountering an area sprayed with the repellent the snake may act normally, but as soon as the odor of the repellent reaches to its Jacobson’s organ (taste and scent receptor), many show signs of extreme weariness as if anesthetized. The neurological disruption causes them vacate the area, to find fresh air.
It is recommended to spray “Snake Out” in every 2-4 weeks depending upon atmospheric condition other than rainy season. But in rainy season it is better to spray every week for continuous protection. To get best result, spray on bricks, gardens etc, under the floors of kennels, play houses, around all openings into houses, sheds and garages, and also may be underneath of baby carriages and playpens when left outdoors, rather than spraying on air. Spray around cattle houses & Bird cages, nearby water logging areas etc


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